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Who is Jackson?

Andrew Sulaiman Jackson is a multidisciplinary graphic designer from Zambia, currently residing in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He began his career as the head graphic designer at a signage company in his hometown of Kitwe, Zambia. It was here where he perfected the practical side of his design skills, working with large format printers, vinyl cutters, and laser engravers.

After five years of delivering signage to the mining industry with tight lead times, Andrew needed a change of scenery. As a volunteer on Thailand and Myanmar’s border, he began his life as a freelance graphic designer creating donor reports, infographics, and logos for community-based organisations working with displaced persons and refugees.

Returning home to Zambia, Andrew established his graphic design business, offering logo design, motion design, and editorial design. His growing client base includes non-governmental organisations, safari companies, agribusiness, circular economy and recycling businesses, to name a few.

Andrew is now a digital nomad, travelling the world with his partner, a public health professional, and their two children.

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